• How is the surface of the sheet metal prototype treated? In order to let you know more about the surface treatment process of sheet metal, we introduce the surface treatment process commonly used in sheet metal prototype.


  • Generally, CNC metal prototype service is used for the high value products, like laptop, digital camera and phone case. All of those have a strict requirement to the prototype in terms of appearance and dimension precision. With CNC, the basic dimension tolerance can be control between ±0.1mm, and the critical dimension tolerance can be controlled between ±0.01mm.


  • In many cases, it is necessary to install other parts or components on the sheet metal parts. For example, buttons, switches, or other electronic devices can be installed on the panel, or they may not be connected between sheet metal.


  • ABS is one of the most widely is used in plastics. It has good impact resistance, heat resistance and low temperature resistance. In the processing and production, large plastic parts need to be disassembled for processing which are very strong and do not affect their strength. It is the most suitable material for disassembled parts processing.


  • Vacuum Casting Manufacturing is a relatively popular rapid mould manufacturing process.


  • Manipulator fixture is any processing process in the basic is also the main components, the role of the jig and fixturein the process of mechanical operation for grasping


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