• 4-Axis CNC machining is made up with a mobile platform and electric index head rotating 360 degrees. It can drill and mill automatically from inclined angle. It can keep the precision without re-clamping. To make 4 Axis CNC Machining Parts, the workpiece will move along 4 axes by the control of computer. And it makes complex parts available with high precision.

  • PC has good strength and toughness, and its luminousness can be 89%. The impact resistance of PC is 250-300 times of glass, and 30 times of PMMA plate (with same ply). PC is a kind of amorphous thermoplastic resin with comprehensive performance. It has excellent electrical insulation, extensibility, dimensional stability, and chemical corrosion resistance. Because of the mechanical strength, big-sized parts are difficult to be made with 3D printing. Therefore, CNC Machining Transparent/Clear PMMA/PC Plastic Rapid Prototype has more advantages for big-sized prototype.

  • Good impact resistance, high strength, stable structure, dampproof, machinability, all of these make ABS can meet the demand of various prototype. Rapid Prototype CNC Machining Service ABS Fabrication Plastic Parts Prototype needs polish and the surface treatment. Because of the different hardness of plastics, the time and difficulty of polish differ. The polish of ABS is much easier, while the polish of PC, PA66 and POM are harder.

  • The types of CNC Machining Plastic Prototype Parts are various, and different materials need different manufacturing craft. ABS is the most common material for prototype, while PC and PMMA are often used for transparent prototype, like the lens of apparatus, mobile, and glasses. During the manufacturing, it is very important to pay attention to distinct details. Many small workshops chase for the speed and ignore the details, resulting the fall apart of prototype in halfway. It not only results extra cost, but also time-wasting.

  • Professional Sheet Metal Bending CNC Precision Prototype CNC Machining is indispensable in product design. For customized prototype, the technology of supplier determines directly the quality. The sheet metal manufacturer needs to confirm the quantity and sequence of the process. It is called the technology route to list the name of main procedure and the sequence of manufacturing.

  • The density of magnesium is low, equals 1/5 of steel, 1/4 of zinc and 2/3 of aluminum. It’s the lightest metal as far as we know, but it has high strength and good stiffness. The Magnesium Alloy CNC Machining Workpieces is very exquisite. As one of the countries with most abundant magnesium resource, China possesses nearly half of magnesium in the world, with plenty and high-quality magnesium raw material. Therefore, customers can get the best CNC magnesium alloy prototype with most favorable price.