(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which format of the CAD file do you need for quotation?           
We accept .prt, .step, .igs, .X_T files. It is better to use .step format for the CAD file, which can reflect the structural integrity of the 3D model, and there will be no cracks or broken surfaces.   
2. Do you need us to provide 2D drawings if the dimensional tolerance of prototypes is required to be 0.1 mm or less?           
Yes, if the dimensional tolerance requirement is equare or less than 0.1mm, 2D drawing must be provided, preferably in .pdf or .dwg format. Because part dimension accuracy will affect the price of prototype manufacturing.

3. Why do we need to explain the purpose of prototype clearly?      
Because the different purpose of prototype requires different manufacturing process and quality requirement, which will have large impact on the prototype manufacturing cost. 

4. Why do we need to define the surface finishing requirement when asking for quote?           
There are two different surface finishing on parts: Glossy and Matte.
Glossy surface finishing needs to take longer time for polishing, which will increase the prototype manufacturing cost. 

5. How do we define the color requirement for the prototype clearly?
If the color matching requiremnt for the prototype only needs to reach 80% - 90% of the specified color, you can provide us with the Pantone color number, such as 877C/877U. If you need to reach more than 90% of the specified color, you have to send us color samples.
6. If the prototype is metal part. how to define the quality requirement? 
Besides of the color, the dimensional accuracy and surface finishing requirement should be clearly specified. which will affect the prototype manufacturing cost a lot 

7. I only have a real sample. can you make a 3D for me?            
Yes, we can. Our company has a laser reading machine. you need to send us he actual samples. We can use the laser reading machine to reconstruct the CAD models.

8. Can you do surface treatment on SLA and SLS prototypes?
We can do color spay painting on SLA prototype surface. but can not do it on SLS prototype, because the material used in SLS processing is PA or PA + 30% GF, the surface of the prototype cannot be polished and painting

9. When duplicating rubber or silicone prototypes, how to describe the requirements clearly?           
You only need to provide us Pantone color number and hardness of rubber or silicone.

10. How many prototypes you can make by a set of silicone mold?
If the dimensional accuracy is very high (less than 0.1mm), we can duplicate about 15 times. If the dimensional accuracy is not too high, we can duplicate the prototype about 30pcs.
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