Metal sheet material

Metal sheet material

1.  Cold-rolled plate (SPCC) is mainly used for electroplating and painting parts, with low cost and easy forming. The material thickness is equal to or less than 3.2mm

2.  Hot rolled plate (SHCC) is also mainly used for plating parts and painting parts, which has low cost but is difficult to form. So it is mainly used for flat plate parts. The material thickness is equal to or less than 5.0mm.
Cold rolled sheet(SPCC)
Hot rolled steel (SHCC)
3. Galvanized sheet (SGCC) is a steel plate with a layer of zinc on its surface. Galvanizing is an economical and effective rust prevention which is often used as internal parts or surface spraying parts.The material thickness is equal to or less than 3.2mm.

4. Electrolytic Sheet (SECC), also known as electro-galvanized sheet which is the process of forming uniform, dense and well-bonded metal or alloy deposits on the surface of the part. The material thickness is equal to or less than 3.2mm.

Galvanized sheet (SGCC)
Electrolytic plate (SECC)
5. Copper is mainly used in conducting parts. The part surface can be nickel plated or chrome plated. But it costs a lot

6. The cost of Aluminum plate is also lower than copper plate, and the part surface can be silver and nickel plated. it can also be chromate (J11-A) or anodic oxidation   
Copper parts
Aluminum parts
7. Aluminum extruded profile is a profile with a complex section. Mainly used for a variety of plug-in boxes. The surface treatment is the same as aluminum plate

8. The surface of stainless steel does not require any surface treatment. Its surface can be divided into mirror surface, wire draw surface and matte surface finishing. Such as SUS201, SUS301, SUS401
Aluminum extrusion
Stainless steel
1. Electrolytic plate (SECC)
SECC is generally cold-rolled steel coil after degreasing  pickling, electroplating and various post-treatment on the electroplating production line. It has the same mechanical properties and similar machining properties as ordinary cold-rolled steel, but also has excellent anti-corrosion properties and decorative appearance. It has a strong competitiveness and substitutability in the electronic products, home appliances and furniture markets. 
2. Cold rolled sheet (SPCC)
SSPCC is made of steel ingot by continuous rolling through a cold rolling mill. There is no protection on the surface of SPCC, which is easy to be anodized when exposed to air in humid environment, and dark red rust will appear on the surface. Therefore, the surface should be sprayed with paint, electroplating or other protection methods.
3. Galvanized steel sheet (SGCC)
Galvanized steel sheet is a semi-finished product after hot rolling, pickling or cold rolling. The steel plate has been galvanized after being cleaned, annealed and immersed in a zinc smelting tank at 460℃. Galvanized steel sheet can be completed after tempering and chemical treatment, SGCC is harder than SECC, but not ductile (not suitable for deep draw processing), zinc layer thick, poor welding performance.
4. Stainless steel (SUS304)
SUS304 is one of the most widely used stainless steels. Good corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Excellent mechanical properties, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon, in-elasticity.
5. Stainless steel (SUS301)
The chromium content of SUS301 is lower than that of SUS304 with poor corrosion resistance. But after cold stamping, it has good tensile, higher hardness and good elasticity, which is commonly used in shrapnel, spring, anti electromagnetic interference.
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