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CNC machining service is to produce precise parts by various machines. When customers have high requirement in the quality and precision of the parts, CNC machining is the most suitable craft to meet the strict requirement of the designer and the structural engineer in terms of details and tolerance. Bordersun have 18-year field experience and accumulate abundant professional experience in CNC machining.

In China, for the lack of strict quality control system and thorough quality check equipment, many small manufacturers cannot provide high-qualityCNC machining service. It is easy to occur the texture-discrepancy on the surface among the parts of the same batch. Besides, for the absence of colorimeter, the QC personnel judge subjectively, and it is easy to lead misjudgment. They cannot effectively identify the unevenness of sand-spraying on the surface of aluminum alloy, and the surface-discrepancy of anodizing. As a result, the prototype will fail to meet customers’ demand in terms of surface treatment and color.

In China, because of the absence of 3D detection equipment, many small manufacturers cannot measure the size of irregular curved surface, and flatness, verticality and coaxiality, and they cannot guarantee the tolerance. ForCNC machining service, it is indispensable to choose an experienced and fully equipped manufacturer.

CNC machining service can be applied in the processing the plastic and metal materials. The common plastic materials are ABS, PC, POM, PA, PP, PMMA, PEEK, PS, PPS and TPFE. Metal materials include various aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze, titanium alloy and magnesium alloy. CNC can also be used to process crystal and wood. The materials are various, but we will use the one that customer specified. For highly precise and complex parts, we will use high-speed numerical machines (4-axis or 5-axis). Then according to customers’ demand, the prototype will be produced quickly, and it will be guaranteed that all performance conform with the drawing to help customers to verify the reasonability of products’ design.

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  • CNC turning parts are mainly used to manufacture helicoid parts, like bearings and wheels. By operating the CNC machining program, the cutting of internal and external of columns, cone, surface, whorl and end face, slot turning, drilling, reaming, and fraising can be done automatically with high precision. But for CNC, no matter it is manual programmed or automatic programmed, the technology analysis of the target parts has to be done before the programming, like the cutting point, manufacturing route, as well as manufacturing plan, suitable cutter and quantity of cutting. Finally, only the accurate control of the precision can produce qualified products.

  • The process of CNC milling parts is an automatic machining method based on common milling. It can be divided into two types, the one without tool magazine, and the other equipped with tool magazine, also called the machining center.

  • 3-Axis CNC machining is one of the most widely used processing technique. During the process, the rotary cutter will work along x-axis, y-axis, z-axis. It is a relatively simple CNC machining method, and can be used for products with simple structure, but 3-axis CNC machining parts are not suitable for parts with complex geometric shape or parts with subassembly.

  • 4-Axis CNC machining is made up with a mobile platform and electric index head rotating 360 degrees. It can drill and mill automatically from inclined angle. It can keep the precision without re-clamping. To make 4-axis CNC machining parts, the workpiece will move along 4 axes by the control of computer. And it makes complex parts available with high precision.

  • 5-Axis CNC machining parts are common among free-curing surface. The surface of 5-axis CNC machining parts is highly curved and difficult to be made by clamping once. Because 5-axis machining can process the different side of the workpiece without changing the position of workpiece, it can enhance the machining efficiency of rhomb-shaped parts.

  • CNC machining precision parts are high precision parts that produced by manufacturers according to the drawings. The precision of CNC machine is different from the precision of processing technique. They are two different conceptions of CNC machining. The former is the precision of the machine itself, and the latter is the precision degree of processing technique. The two conceptions seem independent, but they relate closely to the precision of the parts to be produced.

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