The introduction of jig and fixturein

Manipulator fixture is any processing process in the basic is also the main components, the role of the jig and fixture in the process of mechanical operation for grasping, fixed processing products, so that the product in the accurate position. Jig and fixture in are manipulator specific tools that can be used to facilitate production, processing, assembly and inspection operations, etc., when the workpiece is based on the concept of interchangeability, according to which each product can be produced within a defined tolerance range. Jig and fixture in design is driven by machining process and part size tolerance, which is the key to fixture design as well as part positioning, clamping and chip management. Some manipulator fixtures should always consider chip management in the design process. With excellent performance and reliable long life as the core of the design, to accurate efficiency and low maintenance cost.

A jig and fixture in can be defined as a device for fixing and positioning a workpiece. Manipulator fittings fixture is usually composed of positioning elements, clamping device, tool guide elements, indexing device, connecting elements and clamp specific composition. The manipulator fixture is the manipulator in the production and processing process of all kinds of tools used in the general name, is an important part of the production process.
jig and fixture