Jig and Fixture Manufacturing

Jig and Fixture Manufacturing relys on CNC machining. During the production, jigs and fixtures can fix the workpiece quickly and accurately, reducing labor time and enhancing productivity. When the shape of workpiece is complex, compound jigs and fixtures can beused as priority.

Jigsand fixtures manufacturing are mainly used to meet the requirement of production craft, ensuring the workpiece conform with the technical requirement in dimension and precision. Besides, they are also used to locate and fasten during machining and simplify processing procedure.

During the process ofjigsand fixtures manufacturing, metal or plastic will be processed into jigs and fixtures as required. The common metal materials are aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. And the common plastic materials arePOM, PP, PA, PS, and heat resistance materials, like PPS, PTFE, bakelite , blackPC, andPA+30%GF.

Bordersun equip with more than 20 sets of high precision CNC machines, and the maximum capability is 1.8*0.8*0.6m. With such capability, we canprovidejigsand fixtures manufacturing of any quantity within 7 working days. For parts with high precision and complex structure, we will apply 4-axis or 5-axis high-speed CNC machining to help customers verify the accuracy of product’s material, dimension and color quickly.

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  • CNC High Quality Jigs and Fixtures are often used in the mould manufacturing, precision machining, EDM forming, metal machining and rapid reloading of production line. During the processing, the device used to reload the workpiece quickly, conveniently and safely is call jigs and fixtures. Like jigs and fixture of welding, checking, assembling and machining. They can complete the repetitive work accurately and conveniently, reducing labor cost and enhancing working efficiency.

  • As a diversified metal, copper can meet the unique demand of various products, producing more suitable jigs and fixtures of the products’ tensile test. The main materials of high precision copper jigs and fixtures are copper and copper alloy rod. They perform good in electrical and thermal conduction, and their electrical and thermal conductivity are only second to silver.

  • High Precision Aluminium Jigs and Fixtures has great properties in anti-corrosion, strength, machinability and weldability. And the application of high precision aluminum jigs and fixtures is wide, like assembling of radiator, mechanical equipment and medical products.

  • CNC Machining Bakelite Plastic Jig and Fixtures is a synthetic chemical material. Once heated and formed, it cannot be remade into other things. With excellent performance in hydrophobicity, electrical insulation, abrasive resistance, high strength and thermal resistance, it is used widely in electronic appliance. CNC machining bakelite jigs and fixtures are also common in production line of electronic products.

  • CNC precision machining jigs and fixtures are used to fasten workpiece to ensure that it stays at correct place. By jigs and fixtures, machining precision can be guaranteed, production efficiency can be enhanced, and the application range of machine can be extended. According to different structure, jigs and fixtures can be divided into hydraulic and mechanical.

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