Metal Rapid Prototype

The Metal Rapid Prototype of rapid metal prototype include aluminum alloy, copper alloy, magnesium alloy and stainless steel. It is common among high-end metal prototype, like the case of notebook, digital camera and mobile. Such kind of prototypes have strict requirement in quality, appearance and dimension precision.

During the processof new product development, the product’s appearance verification is a must. The surface ofrapid metal prototype can be treated with painting, electroplating, anodic oxidation, screen printing, and sand spraying. It is concrete, and can reflect vividly the idea of the designer, therefore, it can help designers to make a quick verification in the satisfaction of appearance and the resonability of structure.

The crafts of rapidmetalprototype can be divided into two types. The first is making the prototype by stacking of materials with 3D data of CAD and 3D printer (SLM). And the second is using CNC numerical center to send order to machine in the form of numbers or characters. Then CNC machine will process various metal materials according to the order. The cutter will move automatically along the route and finish the processing of the prototype.

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  • CNC Metal Prototype Services provides various metal prototypes, including prototype of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper, stainless steel or aluminum magnesium alloy and so on. Due to the hardness of metal materials, CNC machining cannot be as fast as plastic prototypes. And the machining time varies according to different CNC metal prototype. Therefore, we will choose different cutter for different metal materials. With the suitable cutter, the precision of the prototype can be guaranteed.

  • To get the feedback of product design quickly, customers need to finish the verification of appearance and structure simultaneously after the completion of new product design. CNC machining rapid prototype can make it simultaneously. And it is widely used in manufacture industry worldwide.

  • Copper has excellent cutting performance, high strength, easy welding and corrosion resistance. During the CNC machining process, the structure is very stable, difficult to be affected by force. And it is usually used in connection parts, vault, stem bearing and so on. Beside copper has good electrical and thermal conductivity, so CNC machining copper prototype is often used in the cover of radiator and the parts of bellows, wave-guide, door, and lamps. And the durability makes the copper become the first choice for most jigs and fixtures.

  • Our factory specializes in manufacturing of CNC Machining Aluminium Prototype.

  • Because of the high strength and good abrasive resistance of stainless steel, it is used widely in the field of food, machinery, electromechanics, domestic appliance and so on. It is a metal with the wide appliance and high cost-performance. The surface treatment of CNC Stainless Steel Prototype includes whitening, mirror polishing and surface coloration.

  • The density of magnesium is low, equals 1/5 of steel, 1/4 of zinc and 2/3 of aluminum. It’s the lightest metal as far as we know, but it has high strength and good stiffness. The CNC machining magnesium alloy prototype is very exquisite. As one of the countries with most abundant magnesium resource, China possesses nearly half of magnesium in the world, with plenty and high-quality magnesium raw material. Therefore, customers can get the best CNC magnesium alloy prototype with most favorable price.

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