Sheet Metal Manufacturing

The crafts ofsheet metal manufacturing include cutting, stamping,bending,riveting, welding and surface treatment. The main advantage ofsheet metal manufacturing is the short production cycle. According to different structure, we can finish the small-batch processing of precision sheet metal parts of any quantity, shortening the delivery time greatly. Another advantage is the exemption of time and money of moulding, making the overall cost ofsheet metal manufacturing fewer than traditional manufacturing.

Bordersun is very experienced in small batch production ofsheet metal manufacturing, equipped with 8 AMADAbending machines with electric measuring balance and 2prototype hydropresses of 800 tons to ensure that the surface of prototype will not rebound and the dimension is stable. Besides, we also have 3D laser cutter to enhance the product quality and working efficiency, and shorten the manufacturing cycle. All kinds of small batch prototype can be completed within 3 working days.

For better check of the irregular surface of the part, Bordersun will cut the gauge by laser according to the drawing on the scale of 1:1, so that to ensure the part conforms with customers’ design. Aftersheet metal manufacturing, the surface can be treated with electroplating, painting, powder spraying and screen printing.

Equipped with Japan-imported AMADA numerical controlled punching machine, laser cutting machine from Hanslaser, numerical controlled bending machine from OSM, CNC machining center, numerical controlled lathe, salt spraying tester and other professional detection equipment, Bordersun can provide high-quality but price-competitive product for customers. We consist of professional technicians and excellent managerial personnel, and we got the approval of ISO9001 and ISO4000. We are good atsheet metal manufacturing to help customers to verify the reasonability of the function and structure of the product.

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  • During precision sheet metal processing, metal plate will be bent into different geometric shapes in cold state with the help of simple mold. After laser cutting and polishing, the parts of precision sheet metal processing will be made.

  • Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Parts are precise, and the incision is tiny. They can meet any strict tolerance requirement. If you need to process complex cutting, laser cutting is the best choice. Laser cutting is very suitable to process sheet metal parts, because the cutting line and the incision are smooth without deburring. It can process high quality and precise cutting. To fabricate laser cutting sheet metal parts, we have to cut the material according to the developed dimension of the parts.

  • The process of Sheet Metal Manufacturing Stamping Parts is a common sheet metal forming craft, using punch machine and mold to punch holes on sheet metal. During the process, sheet metal will be placed between the punch pin and mold, and the pin will be pressed through the sheet metal, then the process will be done. Prototype sheet metal manufacturing is different from mass production sheet metal manufacturing. We often replace metal mold with plastic one, reducing time and cost.

  • The process of Sheet Metal Manufacturing Bending Parts is another common craft of sheet metal forming. And the main processes are cutting, folding, bending, forming, welding and riveting. Place the sheet metal on the mold, press the punch pin on it until it bends by great pressure. Sheet metal bending parts are used widely in fields of electronics, electrical appliance, communication, automobile, medical apparatus, like chimney, barrel, fuel tank, oilcan, ventilation pipe and funnel.

  • During the process of Sheet Metal Manufacturing Riveted Nuts Parts, the riveter will deform the base material, then the nuts will be pressed into a prefabricated slot, and the connection will be done between two parts. There are two types of non-standard riveted nuts, one is standoffs, and another is riveted nuts.

  • Sheet Metal Manufacturing Riveted Screw Parts is a new type of fastener used in sheet metal. They are used to the connection of different sheet metal parts or the assembling of other parts, like the assembling of switch or other electronic parts.

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