CNC Machining Metal Parts

The first process of CNC Machining Metal Parts is the processing of datum surface. As long as the datum surface is done, it can provide reference to next procedures. For high-quality workpiece, three phrases are needed, rough machining, semi-precision machining and precision machining. To ensure the quality of the parts, it is a must to use appropriate machine and make heat treatment to find out the defect as soon as possible.

To meet the precision requirement ofCNCmachiningmetalparts, itis better to separate rough machining and precision machining. During the process of rough machining, because workpiece will be cut largely, it has to be clamped tightly. As a result, the internal stress will increase and so does the heat, resulting obvious hardening phenomenon. Generally, after rough machining, precision machining should be done after the elimination of internal stress.

To enhance the mechanical property ofCNCmachiningmetalparts, common processes are carburization and quenching. After that, grinding and polishing can be made. Because the surface will be hard after quenching, it will be difficult to process. Therefore, quenching is usually done after CNC machining. But for the part with high precision requirement, to avoid the deformation made by quenching or other heat treatment, CNC machining will be done after heat treatment.

The principle ofCNCmachiningmetalparts is tomeet the precision and roughness requirement of the surface. There are many machining methods to achieve the same precision and roughness requirement. When choosing machining methods, the shape, size and heat treatment requirement all should be taken into consideration.

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  • High precision CNC machining aluminium parts is used widely in the field of aviation, automobile, mechanical manufacturing, ship, chemical, domestic appliance and daily necessities. With the rapid development of science and technology and industrial production, the demand of high precision CNC machining aluminium parts is increasing day by day. AL6061 is common type of aluminium, and it is often used for the parts of automobile, the frame of bicycle, sports equipment and frame of toy car. Similar with other aluminium alloy, AL6061 has good strength-weight ratio and atmospheric corrosion resistance.

  • The deposit of copper in earth is abundant. And copper is a kind of nonferrous metal that relates closely with humankind, with good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, extensibility, corrosion resistance and abrasive resistance. CNC machining copper parts are used widely in all walks of life, like electricity, electronics, energy, petrochemical, mechanics, metallurgy, automobile and emerging industries. In China, the consumption of copper is only second to aluminum.

  • Stainless steel is a kind of corrosion-resistant high alloy steel. The surface of stainless steel is beautiful, without the necessity of electroplating or painting. The properties of CNC machining stainless steel parts are excellent in terms of strength, processing and welding.

  • Magnesium is one of the top 5 lightest metal. As a kind of light metal material, magnesium performs very good in terms of strength, rigidity, cutting and machinability. Besides, it has good properties in electromagnetic shielding and anti-radiation. CNC machining magnesium alloy parts are 100% recyclable.

  • With good performance in strength, anti-corrosion and thermal resistance, CNC machining titanium alloy parts are used widely in various fields. After realizing the importance of titanium alloy materials, many countries devote to the research and development and apply them in practice. Thermal resistance, strength, malleability, toughness, formability, weldability, anti-corrosion and bio-compatibility, all of these make titanium alloy become the trump in the field.

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