Surface Finishing

Spray painting
After the prototype dimension measurement is confirmed, the prototype needs to be polished and do the spay painting. Customer needs to provide us the details of surface finishing requirement such as gloss finishing or matte finishing as well as the color requirement with international Pantone numbers, such as cold grey 3C, 877C, etc.
Screen printing
If you need to have some Logo or characters printed on the prototype surface, please provide us the artwork and all details in 1:1 files in AI or PDF format.
UV Coating
The prototype surface can be quickly sprayed with a layer of UV. After curing by UV irradiation, the hardness of the prototype surface will be increased and surface finishing will be high glossed and not easy to scratched. 
UV metallic paint is a kind of green product with full material and outstanding luster. It has no pollution in the process of coating spraying by UV curing process.
In order to achieve the high gloss effect of metal surface, the plastic prototype needs to be coated with a layer of metal. There are two kinds of plating process which is water electroplating and vacuum electroplating. Plastic prototypes can only be electroplated with ABS material. The most common plating are silver, nickel, chromium plating. Metal prototypes can also be plated, oxidized and anodized
Water Transfer Printing
There are two kinds of water transfer technology, one is label transfer and another is completed transfer technology. Label transfer is mainly used for text and pattern transfer, and completed transfer is mainly used for the transfer of the whole product surface. The best materials for water transfer printing are ABS, PC and POM. The price is calculated by area, which mainly depends on your requirements for water transfer printing
Laser Engraving
Laser engraving is a kind of permanent marking on the surface of products by laser. If you need to mark with laser engraving technology, please provide us with 1:1 file in AI format
Wire drawing is a metal processing technology. It can well reflect the texture of metal materials and make the metal surface become non- glossy. Wire drawing is generally suitable for smooth metal surface but not for plastic part surface. If the surface prototype is round or angular, it is not suitable for wire drawing, the depth of the wire drawing is subjective, so it is necessary to use graphics to represent the depth of wire drawing.
Electrochemical oxidation of metals. In the appropriate electrolyte and specific process,the external current on metal products (anode) to form an oxide film。Anodizing usually refers to sulfuric acid anodizing if not specified
Sand Blasting
This is a process of cleaning and roughening the surface of the substrate by high-speed sand impact. Driven by compressed air, it forms a high-speed jet beam, which injects materials (copper ore, quartz sand, emery,iron ore) to the surface of the product to change its surface. Due to the impact and cutting effect of abrasive on part surface, the surface finishing and roughness of the part will be changed. It can improve the adhesion and durability of the surface coating
Natural color
If the prototype does not need surface treatment, we will not do any surface treatment except deburring and polishing according to the drawing requirements.