Car rims are made of steel and aluminum alloy.


Car rims are made of steel and aluminum alloy. Steel rimsare high strength and are often used for large trucks. But the steelrim is large and single in shape which does not conform to the concept of low-carbon fashion. Inrecent years, aluminum alloy rims have been widely used in new energy electric vehicles. Aluminum alloy has small elastic modulus and good vibration resistance. At the same time, reduce the vibration of the vehicle body, improve the comfort of the vehicle.

Aluminum alloy has good plasticity and can make many beautiful profiled rims. The machining method of aluminum alloy rim is processed by a large lathe and then by three axis NC machining. The surface of aluminum alloy rim is treated with anti-corrosion and coated with electrostatic powder, which makes people feel beautiful, delicate and luxurious.