New development trend of sheet metal manufacturing industry


In recent years, there are more and more sheet metal manufacturing enterprises in China, which has become the world's manufacturing center and consumer power. As one of the basic industries of manufacturing industry, sheet metal manufacturing industry has achieved unprecedented development. The profit level of sheet metal manufacturing industry mainly depends on product quality and processing accuracy, products and value-added services, downstream user enterprises and upstream raw material prices. Therefore, with the increasing technological content of products in the industry in the future, the impact of raw material price fluctuations on products will gradually decrease, and the change trend of industry profit level will be better. At the same time, the change trend of future profit level will mainly depend on product quality and precision, product value-added services and downstream customer industries and other factors. With the rapid development of China's automobile, communications, rail transit, aerospace, home appliances, medical equipment, container head manufacturing and other industries, China has become a world manufacturing center. Sheet metal manufacturing has also achieved unprecedented development. The introduction of foreign advanced equipment has driven the continuous development of equipment and technology. Automatic NUMERICAL control equipment replaced the past simple, low precision semi-automatic sheet metal processing equipment. Sheet metal manufacturing technology is developing towards the direction of digitization, integration, intelligence and information. As the connection sheet metal parts design and manufacturing sheet metal process design, also should adapt to its development and change, and constantly improve and perfect.

sheet metal manufacturing

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