What are the advantages of 3D printed prototypes?


What are the advantages of 3D printed prototypes? 

1.  Quick inspect of product shape.  If you only look at the design, you can't imagine the actual shape of the product, so the customer can't accept.

2.  Quickly inspect the internal structure of the product.  Quickly printed the internal parts of the product for the analysis of the internal structure layout and planning.

3.  Prototype exhibition.  Prototypes must be shown at trade shows before mass production, so early promotion work can be done.

4.  Direct market sales of prototypes.  The prototype can be sold as a concrete device, and many sellers build it in large quantities.  Then the market test sells the product in batches to test the market's comments on the product.

3D printing rapid prototyping is suitable for all new R&D and manufacturing.  The use of 3D printing prototype can be a step faster and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.  In order to better meet the requirements of such enterprises, 3D printing companies are also working hard to develop products and improve the corresponding 3D printing technology.