Small-Batch Production

There are 4 methods ofsmall-batch production, includingCNC machining, 3D printing,vacuum duplicate moulding and rapid moulding. CNC machining is used to produce plastic parts, metal parts and crystal product. 3D printing is suitable for high-precise and complex prototype. Vacuum duplicate moulding is a kind of plastic model, and suitable for the small-batch prototype of ABS, nylon and other plastic materials with short production cycle and low cost.

Bordersun focus on small-batch production for 18 years, and we will choose appropriate production craft according to the quantity. When the quantity is less than 10 pieces, CNC machining will be applied. When the quantity is 10 to 100 pieces, vacuum duplicate moulding will be used. When the quantity is 100 to 1000 pieces, rapid injection will be used. Rapid moulding can reduce the number of dies and simplify structure of the die, so that to save cost. It is suitable for small-batch production of plastic parts.

Small-batch production can save the cost of time and materials, shortening the cycle of new product launch.Small-batch production relates closely with the model, which is the foundation of small-batch processing.

Vacuum duplicate moulding is not suitable to produce high-precise and complex prototype, therefore, we use 3D printing to complete the small-batch production. 3D printing needs no dies, jigs and fixtures, nor many operators. One operator can operate multiple printers. As long as the tray is big enough, multiple parts can be produced at one time, thus the research and development cycle of new product will be shortened effectively.

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  • Reaction injection moulding, short for RIM, is a forming processing craft. During the process, two groups of materials with high chemical activity but low relative molecular mass will be collided, mixed, and poured into sealed die at room temperature but low air pressure. Then after a series of chemical reaction, like polymerization, crosslinking and solidification, the prototype will be made ultimately. It is a new craft combined with polymerization and injection. The main advantages are the high efficiency of materials’ mixture, liquidity, flexibility of materials’ configuration, short cycle and low cost. It is mainly used for the shell of medical equipment, industrial equipment and robot.

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