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Reaction injection moulding, an industrial molding processing technology.Have a chemical reaction in the process of forming a injection molding method, this method used the raw material not polymer, but two or more liquid monomer and prepolymer, to a certain proportion respectively to the mixing head, mixing under pressure, immediately injected into the closed mold, polymerization solidification in the mould, finalize the design into products.As the raw material is liquid, the cavity can be filled quickly with less pressure, so the closing force and the cost of the mold are reduced.When you need more than 50 prototypes and are larger than 800 x 800 x 300 mm, rim casting can greatly help you reduce the cost per prototype.
RIM is mainly composed of epoxy resin, dicyclopentadiene polymer, silicone resin and interpenetrating polymer. Reactive injection molding requires that once the components are mixed, the immediate rapid reaction, and the material can be cured to the degree of demultifying, with aging resistance, strong impact resistance, good fit, easy to disassemble and other characteristics.Therefore, to use special raw materials and formulations, sometimes the products also need to be heat treatment to improve its performance.The key of forming equipment is the structure design of mixing head, the accurate measurement and conveying of each component.In addition, temperature control of raw material storage tank and mold is also very important.
Bordersun rim casting service enables you to complete small batch (500-1000 pieces) large size prototypes within 20 business days and ensure prototype deformation is within permissible range.Leach is biggest advantage is that prototypes can be made from rim casting processes that achieve the color and finish you want without any polishing or paint.
RIM technical parameters
1. RIM Mold Materials
ABS mould: suitable for production quantity of 50 pieces to more than 500 pieces.
Aluminum mold: suitable for more than 1000 pieces of production quantity.
2. Prototype wall thickness: the best casting wall thickness is 4-6mm, and the maximum casting wall thickness is 10mm.
3. Prototype casting accuracy :±0.2mm /100mm.
4. Maximum casting size :2000mm x 1200 x1000mm
5. Casting time of each prototype :15-30 minutes/piece.
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