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When your order quantity is more than 20, less than 100 pieces of Bordersun companies usually choose vacuum casting. Vacuum casting, also known as polyurethane casting.Specially used for making delicate hand plate model and small batch reproduction process, mainly used for injection product proofing.Vacuum casting service is mainly used for the prototype manufacturing of plastic hard materials (ABS, PC, etc.) and plastic soft materials (rubber, TPU, etc.).Molding parts of the color selection and strength of the flexibility is very high, according to the different hardness and performance of polyurethane material, the performance of plastic parts can be produced.If it is elastomeric plastic, transparent or translucent soft plastic TPU, TPE, TPR, silica gel, rubber, etc., vacuum casting will provide a powerful help.Because CNC cannot be processed.
The process usually consists of four steps:
1. Use CNC or SLA to make the master model of the final product;
2. Put the main model into the box filled with liquid silica gel and inject silica gel at the same time;
3. After the silica gel solidifies, the silica gel block is split along the parting line, and the main model is taken out to form a simple mold;
4. Introduce the required raw material liquid into the mold at low pressure. After the vacuum casting parts are cooled, 20-50 parts can be produced.
Bordersun is equipped with two large vacuum units with castings up to 1.8m*0.8m*0.5m
in volume.Vacuum casting plastic parts can achieve the ideal surface effect (bright surface, matte surface, sandblasted surface) directly without coating.The surface effect of vacuum casting parts is more similar to that of injection parts.The production speed of vacuum casting parts is fast, the cost is low, the production quantity is usually only dozens to hundreds, the production cycle can be completed in a week.
When your order quantity in 100 to 1000 of them, Bordersun company USES a mold to make the production quickly.
Quick die, mainly used in small batch production.Although the manufacturing cost of molds is relatively high, our company has developed various sizes of molds.According to the prototype size of the customer, our engineers independently design and manufacture the mold core, so as to save the cost of the mold base.This batch of parts only amortized the core cost, thus reducing the cost of each part.Rapid mold making cycle 7-10 days, dimension precision and part life can meet a specific functional needs, comprehensive economic benefits are good, is a fast, convenient, practical mold manufacturing technology.
It is especially suitable for new product development trial production, process verification and function verification.With the development of industrial production, the product development cycle is becoming shorter and shorter. In order to quickly verify the product listing time and speed up the trial production, rapid mold making technology has been paid more and more attention by product designers and mold industry.
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