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Rapid prototyping technology is an advanced manufacturing technology developed in the 1990s. It is a key generic technology for the new product development and plays a positive role in promoting product innovation, shortening new product development cycle and improving product competitiveness. 
Since the advent of this technology, it has been widely used in the manufacturing industry of developed countries. In China, it is very close to the technology at developed countries in Europe and America. Rapid prototype manufacturers in many countries have placed orders with Chinese prototype manufacturers. Therefore, finding a experienced or qualified Chinese rapid prototyping manufactures has become the way to develop the new products in many foreign enterprises.
Due to the high-speed development of rapid prototyping services in China, it has become more refined and professional. 
Many customers need to make a physical part to verify the design feasibility, we can help you to choose the process which is best for you and your product. If you do not have a suitable prototype manufacturer, you may have to manage a large number of prototype suppliers and waste lot of time.
Bordersun is a rapid prototyping company offering one-stop prototype services in plastic and metal material with high quality and competitive cost. we can help you to save the product development time.
CNC Prototyping
The selection of CNC prototyping services to produce high-quality prototypes plays a decisive role in the success of product development. Assume that the CNC prototype service you choose do not fully represent the color, outline, surface effects and structural featured of your design. No matter how well your product is designed, the prototype you provide will not be accepted by your customers because the prototype is not produced professionaly. Therefore, if you choose CNC prototyping services without any quality assurance, only because of the cheaper cost. That is a very unwise choice.
In summary, when you are looking for CNC prototyping services, high quality prototypes with shorter lead-time and competitive cost is the key factors for you considerations. Bordersun is definitely the right choise for you.
SLA Prototyping
The printing speed of SLA is much faster than that of SLS. At the same time, it does not need cooling time before and after startup, so its delivery time is relatively faster.            
Which parts are suitable for SLA?
For the parts with small volume, light weight, complex structure, CNC machining can not be completed and the surface quality requirements are relatively high.
The maximum volume can be in L1.8m * W0.9m * H0.6m          
SLS Prototyping
1. There are many materials that can be used in SLS, including polymer, metal, ceramic, gypsum, nylon and other powders. if metal materials is used, we can call it SLM. Nylon is most common material used in SLS in the market, so we will usually use nylon to do SLS printing material. 
2. Accuracy. the normal accuracy is a tolerance of plus or minus 0.2mm. 
3. No need support, it does not need to support the structure. The suspended layer in the stacking process can be directly supported by unsintered powder, which should be one of the biggest advantages of SLS.
1. Because the raw material is powder, the prototype manufacturing process is heating and melting the powder and then bonding layer by layer. Therefore, the prototype surface looks like granular, so the surface quality is not high. If you have high requirements for surface quality, you can choose SLA or using additional surface treatment process to get high quality surface requirement.            
2. After 3D printing, it takes several hours to cool down the prototype before taking the parts out of the cylinder. Of course, it depends on the model of the 3D  printing machine, usually 5 to 10 hours.
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