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cnc prototype machining in stock made in China can be customized with low price from Bordersun. Bordersun is a professional cnc prototype machining manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to wholesale and buy discount cnc prototype machining from our factory. Welcome to buy latest selling, high-quality, discount, advanced and newest products which are in bulk. Besides, we have our own brands. If you want to know more, please contact us, we will provide you with quotation as soon as possible.
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  • Copper has excellent cutting performance, high strength, easy welding and corrosion resistance. During the CNC machining process, the structure is very stable, difficult to be affected by force. And it is usually used in connection parts, vault, stem bearing and so on. Beside copper has good electrical and thermal conductivity, so CNC machining copper prototype is often used in the cover of radiator and the parts of bellows, wave-guide, door, and lamps. And the durability makes the copper become the first choice for most jigs and fixtures.

  • PC has good strength and toughness, and its luminousness can be 89%. The impact resistance of PC is 250-300 times of glass, and 30 times of PMMA plate (with same ply). PC is a kind of amorphous thermoplastic resin with comprehensive performance. It has excellent electrical insulation, extensibility, dimensional stability, and chemical corrosion resistance. Because of the mechanical strength, big-sized parts are difficult to be made with 3D printing. Therefore, CNC machining PC prototype has more advantages for big-sized prototype.

  • CNC machining PA prototype has high mechanical strength, and it is dimensionally stable without water absorption. Besides, it has high tensile and pressure resistance. It is widely used in various apparatus, and accessories of domestic appliance. However, the water absorption of nylon PA66 is too fast, and the tensile and pressure resistance will decrease when the temperature and humidity increase.

  • POM has good tensible strength, mechanical properties, impact strength, abrasive resistance and lubricity. There are two colors of POM, black and white. The density of POM is 1.42, and the temperature resistance is 100℃. The insulativity of POM is excellent and immune to temperature and humidity, and the permittivity and dielectric loss change little during the wide fluctuation of temperature, humidity and frequency, therefore, it is often used for gear, accessories of automobile, instruments and jigs. The CNC cutting of POM prototype is fast, and the surface can be treated with burnish and polish. CNC machining POM prototype needs to be finished at once. It cannot work with glue.

  • PMMA is the best choice for transparent prototype. PC is incomparable to PMMA. There are transparent materials among PC too, but they have to be fumigated to be transparent, and the effect is not as good as the PMMA. CNC machining PMMA prototype can be totally transparent after burnishing, and the transparency can be 95%.

As a professional China cnc prototype machining manufacturers and suppliers, Bordersun has its own brands and factory. Customized cnc prototype machining made in China can be bought at cheap price. Bordersun has continued to expand the business to oversea markets in US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Israel, France, Brazil, Switzerland and Italy. Our service has also been recognized and praised by customers in these countries. We will continue to learn and improve ourselves to provide better services for global customers, such as Whirlpool, Dyson, Blueair, Supor, Sacon, Bona and Haier.
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